Photo taken by Suzanne McCarthy

Bringing high-quality, bakery-style recipes to home cooks across the globe

I can see you there with your mountain of rejected cookbooks that just don’t give you the type of recipes that you want. You’re just not finding the recipes that feel like they came from a bakery, but made by you at home. I’ve got some years of experience in professional kitchens and a true passion for pastries and baked goods. Both of those together allows me to bring bakery-style recipes from my home to the homes of baking enthusiasts around the world, like yourself!

Hungry for Adventure came about many years ago. It started as a platform for me to share my thoughts and recipes during my first time away from home, on the other side of the country. As time went on, I continued to post, but the frequency decreased gradually. Though at the same time, my adventures in the kitchen significantly increased. Now that I have officially graduated from my undergraduate degree, I am ready to hop back into this “blogging” thing!

Hungry for Adventure, the name, is two-fold, I’m always hungry, and always ready for an adventure. Hence, the creation of Hungry for Adventure. I’ll bring you along on my adventures across the globe all at the same time sharing with you my own easy-to-follow and professional bakery-style recipes, to make the perfect desserts at home and bring you along on my adventures!

Until next time, Happy Adventuring!


Our Values

Photo taken by Suzanne McCarthy


Slow food is the base of all food as we know it. Even 100 years ago, there was no Instant Pot or McDonald’s. Bread was made by hand and dry yeast was not even around until the 1940s. I concentrate on the traditional ways of making food, where flavour development is innate.

Photo taken by Suzanne McCarthy


Handmade food is what gives you an edge above everyone else. I have been handmaking my food since I was eight and have no plans to stop. Buying a pie shell from the store or buying a loaf of bread are not part of my vocabulary. I take personal responsibility for showing you how to make the best handmade food.


Sustainability is a very important pillar of food production. Ensuring that what we are growing, using, and consuming is done in a sustainable way so that future generations (or our own generation) is able to continue to benefit from it. It is also important that we ensure that all humans are able to get equal access to a necessity of life, food.

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About the Creator

Ahmed Jaffer

Hi! My name is Ahmed. I’m the brains behind Hungry for Adventure and, well, my own body! All through high school, I took culinary arts classes, and was always the one that everyone came to for desserts.

After graduating high school with a specialised diploma in hospitality and tourism, I went on to my undergrad. At the local college that has a renowned hospitality program, I started my Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management where I learned all about managing hotels and restaurants.

As part of my undergraduate degree, I was able to complete internships in pastry kitchens in British Columbia! Since then, I’ve been working in my mom’s kitchen perfecting my recipes and saving up for my next adventure!

Until next time, Happy Adventuring!